Trade in those pressed office whites for some dressed-up brights. 9-to-5 drone, begone! This Bird doesn't believe in keeping ruffles, color and other fancy plumage for after dark or special occasions -- a careful selection of textures, a pop of shine, and a swirl of colors can make a Monday seem less than dreary. Inspired by outfits from J. Crew's catalog, and New York & Company's Editor's Picks, the Magpie flew about her own closet to put together an outfit of different pieces, both old and new. Set about making a jaunty set of armor before waging war in the urban jungle.

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  1. Hey that really is all your wonderful stuff! It looks fab. I stopped by Redmond Target, they have several "JCrew inspired" pieces-large roses and the jeweled labels on t's. The detail was not there, but the idea.

  2. i like your style...i like your blog too!
    i was very impressed by the comments you left on my blog (frou frou fashionista). one of the most intelligent comments i've seen in a long time!!

  3. Oh, praise the lord for Target (or Tar-jhay, if you want to be fancy). Thanks for the lovely comments, ladies, I do appreciate the peek-a-boo's to the blog!!

  4. Brilliant advice. No need to be bland when it comes to professional wear! Love the color combo!


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