This Bird couldn't give a hoot about the racing of horses, but the Jaunty and wild toppers that people wear for England's Royal Ascot have caught this Magpie's eye for ages. I always think of my favorite sequence from My Fair Lady, the smash-ing, pos-i-tive-ly dash-ing spectacle of Ascot Day wardrobe heaven, with the men in their Jaunty grey suits and top hats, and the women in a blizzard of white and black-embellished elegance. Although these days, the parade of Ascot chapeaus have definitely become less formally ladylike and more Lady Gaga, with the hats bordering on Crazytown. But how can one really get too judge-y, given the fact that it's one of the rare occasions where hats are not only required, but encouraged to get as wild as possible?

And yes, I know Sarah Jessica Parker wasn't there to show off her love for Philip Treacy toppers, but I couldn't help but throw in pics of both London premieres from SATC and SATC 2 to emphasize a love for outrageous headgear. SJP is no style fool; she knows it's not something you wear to pick up your groceries, but it's a reminder that fashion needs to stay fun and get crazy now and then, to keep things from getting too mundane.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos from Royal Ascot gallery from Yahoo! News and StyleFrizz

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  1. Yes girl! I'm loving this, so well said. Fashion does need to stay fun and get a little crazy. People "color inside the lines" way too often.

    And I'm so glad you included SJP in here because she was for sure rocking it at the premiere in McQueen with yet another ridic chapeau! Keep encouraging the world to be beautiful girl!


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