This Bird was window shopping at one of her favorite shops, Anthropologie, and was inspired by their latest looks that evoke an afternoon in Italy, strolling around in a pretty fitted floral dress and jumping into a time machine to land in the late 60s. While I don't think the time machine part is possible, everything else still seems to be available.

Some particular favorites include: {1} Ein Plein Air Dress, {2} Baru Necklace, {3} Diamond Weave Slingbacks in Wedgewood Blue, {4} Voluminous Scarf Necklace (scarf/jewelry in one!)

These were the items that wove a picture of la dolce vita in my mind, allowing myself a lazy summer afternoon, wandering through the city square, with the only difficult decision needing to be made being what flavor of gelato to get! Amazing how fashion can evoke such a Fancy-ful notion!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos from Anthropologie.com

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