This Bird has always had a love of a good mystery, and the latest whodunit that's got the feathers in a ruffle is the marvelously melancholy AMC series, The Killing. It's a short, 13 part series that started in April, so it's halfway through and seeking to narrow down a long list of suspects in the death of a pretty high school girl named Rosie Larsen. Based on a Swedish miniseries which I will most certainly not be looking up to find any spoilers, it's very reminiscent of another J'adore-worthy mystery that took place in the Pacific Northwest, Twin Peaks. Although this story is much less quirky and all about a study in subtlety.

The strengths of the series, at least so far, is in the way the slow pace seeks to observe the ripple effects of a tragedy as it affects the people who live in a small community. The way time slows to an aching pace for a grieving family, and the constant ticking clock the investigators race against, which erodes evidence and a multitude of suspects. Not that Seattle is a small town, but the series tries to keep the story focused on a few key players who all have ties through only a few degrees of separation. The main draw of the story is the mystery factor, the suspicious personal relationships of the deceased girl among her high school friends, teachers and acquaintences, as well as the unnerving ties with an ambitious politician seeking a mayoral win. Echoes of real-life crimes hide in each twisted turn, so your brain can't help but draw conclusions. Every episode seeks to shift suspicion on different characters, to the point where you question everyone's motive, even the quiet, intense female detective leading the charge on finding Rosie's killer. Personally, I enjoy the series for the overall moodiness and unique atmosphere of the rainy Northwest. Sure, it plays up the rain factor, but the story has strong elements of water everywhere -- its ability to drown a life, slow one's pace, deaden the senses, and obscure the vision to what the truth may be. I'm not saying who I think killed Rosie Larsen, or if they've even revealed who the real killer even is yet, but I'm definitely enjoying the chance to live in mystery for a few more weeks. 

What about you? How do you like the series so far, and do you have any guesses on who the killer is, and why they did it?

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