This Bird has often been told, "Get an Etsy shop." And guess what? I still don't have one. But I am very pleased to say that the Magpie's love of crafting handmade notecards has not gone unnoticed and am very fortunate to now have a local Washington shop selling some cute food-themed cards! Look out, Hallmark, here comes the Magpie! 

If you find yourself on Orcas Island, in the lovely Pacific Northwestern land of Washingtonia (not far from Portlandia), stop into the town of Eastsound and head to Lily, a shop of sweet, savory and total local charm. It's an ice cream shop that will likely have a line of visitors leading into their ice cream-bannered door, eager to try the sweet flavors of ice cream locally made by Lopez Island Creamery, or a lunchtime treat of hand-rolled sushi. Lily is like a transplanted bit of Aloha, from one island to another, as owner Lisa Nakamura is from Hawaii and this is like so many snack shops there, offering a mix of local treats. 

I was very blessed to be given a little spot to show off my Bento Notecards, which, much like Lily, is a little bit of Aloha, by way of Washington. Original illustrations of happy Hawaiian-themed food include shave ice, wontons in soup, the must have two scoops of rice and mac-salad, and yes -- Spam musubi. But it's a smiling, friendly Spam musubi! Packets of notecards are now available at the shop, so if you happen to be in the area, do stop by and take a peek. I guarantee you won't be able to leave without a big scoop of ice cream on a waffle cone. And you can get some notecards and write a cute letter to a friend telling them they should visit Orcas Island! 

Jaunty Fine Print:  cards and photos by Denise Sakaki

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