The Magpie received an especially Jaunty Fancy-ful gift recently from a good friend -- some internationally-themed goodies like a little Union Jack frame, a lovely oval dish, Tokyo Milk soap in a heavenly scent, and a copy of Parisian Chic: A Style Guide, by Ines de la Fressange and Sophie Gachet. Imagine getting your hands on a personal notebook of the ultimate Parisienne, with all the little hints over effortless style, sweetly hidden-away boutiques, lessons on how to order off a menu, and where to stay while in the City of Light. That's what this little red book is, and it's tres awesome.

If I were to ever write a book, this would be the format I'd want to write it -- it's a mix of short essays and a collection of notes, lovingly gathered in scrapbook-style layout, along with photos and clever little drawings. It's a book you can flip through and easily read out of order, as it's not a novel, there's no plot beyond your own desire to explore the different sections at your leisure. Which I think should be the first lesson for Parisian Chic -- no time constraints, no rush, peruse at leisure, and above all, a glass of wine or a creamy cafe au lait in hand. Croissant optional, but highly recommended. Merci.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki

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