Whoa, turn off the waterworks, Seattle! This week has managed to get this Birdie stuck in several downpours to much un-Jaunty wardrobe and hair malfunction. But never fear, this will not drench the Magpie's spirit, as it inspired me to use some of my favorite wearables this week. 

I've often said that I have an unhealthy obsession with jackets and coats. This post gives you Jaunty readers a chance to peek at what's sitting in the Jaunty Wardrobe. And bear in mind, these are just a sample of outerwear in the key of Jaunty Rainyday Wear. My first trench coat was a khaki London Fog, which I think everyone had at one point in their life. It was precisely the color of skin and looked horrible in photos. This Bird flipped the Bird to that trench and went wild with prints and color! When walking through the rainy streets of the Pacific Northwest on a busy, rainy spring day, no one has time to take off one's coat, so why not wear something that's as colorful and noteworthy as an outfit?

This rainy day trio of lightweight toppers include {1} a black flower applique pattern coat from Newport News (I'm a catalog fiend!), {2} a navy and white-print trench from Target (Tar-jhay!), {3} and a red and black geographic print trench from Nordstrom. I loved the Nordstrom trench so much, I bought it years ago, during their anniversary sale, and it wasn't even on sale! Oh, the retail lust of it all!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos of coats and trenches by Denise Sakaki, courtesy of the downstairs coat closet.

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  1. With the weather we experience in the PNW, I agree we should wear fun top coats. I adore all of your trenches, some which are not shown in the above photo. Radish

  2. Oooh, *love* your jackets!

    Perhaps you could offer some advice? I've been in the market for a longer water-resistant/proof jacket with a hood. I was leaning towards the North Face Stella Grace in black, but black would be so typical of me and it would do me some good to get out of that rut. Have you seen anything mid-thigh with a hood? The hood is key for me (hate carrying an umbrella)... Love your style and could use some inspiration :)

  3. I love that you you have so many great things to wear for the rain. I have one rain appropriate coat and during parts of the year I feel like it's all I wear. These are great ones


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