More Hawaiian Paradise to share, Jaunty friends! At the risk of totally ruining some future birthday gift surprises, I couldn't keep mum on this sparkly find. You know how much this Bird loves a shiny object, so I'll be hot-diggety-darned if I couldn't resist a visit to a favorite local jeweler who has been at the Hilo Farmer's Market for the last several years. Keanalu Art Glass, also known as Aloha Artworks, makes truly beautiful art glass pendants for necklaces, as well as rings and earrings.

I visited this market shop before around the holidays a couple of years ago and picked up a really beautiful pendant that was blue-green, with an opaque black design silhouette over the iridescent texture. Have loved it ever since and returned on this trip to see more of their unique designs. They truly capture the sparkle of the 'aina (land), reminiscent of the way volcanic black sand glimmers against the rolling surf, the shimmer of the blue sea, and how the sunlight dances across a fresh rainfall on the lush greenery. The way the colors change on their jewelry in the sun is just like how the surroundings of Hawaii become a kaledescopic array of color and light. Keanalu Art Glass/Aloha Artworks sells their jewelry online, and if you are ever visiting Hilo's farmer's market, do give them a visit!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki; jewelry by Keanalu Art Glass/Aloha Artworks

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  1. I'm not a big fan of rings at all, but my goodness those are beautiful (or maybe they're not rings but rather clip-on earrings?). There's something so friendly and inviting about their shape, yet the colors are full of drama. What a combination!


  2. I like how they catch the light and the colors are so vibrant. I will check them out!


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