One of the things this Bird always remembers about the holidays was in the days between Christmas and New Year's, her Jaunty Mother always pressed upon her the need to write out thank-you notes to all the kind and generous souls who gave gifts. What felt like a chore as a wee chicklet, now feels like a vital rite of etiquette, especially with all the rapid-fire communication avenues available to woefully send a fast, but lackluster, "THANK U. Catch U L8R!" Call this Bird ye olde-fashioned, but there's something pleasantly civilized about sending a note in the mail, showing thanks and appreciation for a genuine sentiment of generosity. Plus, one can't deny the joy of getting a letter. It's something an email or text message can never replace, the tactile sensation of opening an envelope, unfolding a note, and seeing something written by hand and sent with affection.

Continuing this sentiment of thanks, and to honor my Jaunty Mother's sage wisdom, I wish to write out an open letter of gratitude to everyone who has visited The Jaunty Magpie in its first year as a fashion, art, and personal style blog:

Dearest Readers and Visitors,

I wish to extend my most sincere thanks to you all for taking the time to visit this Bird online to peer through the posts, to leave such thoughtful comments, and chatting over Twitter. It has been an extra special treat to be able to meet fellow bloggers in the area, and make new friends -- truly the greatest gift of all! This Birdie feels truly blessed and humbled by the kindness shown.

It has been barely a year since the Jaunty Magpie perched itself online to share her thoughts, musings and periodic peeks into her rumpled wardrobe. Your kindness is most appreciated and something that has thoroughly imbued this blog with the inspiration to continue searching for lovely and thoughtful discoveries. Really and truly, this blog would not be anything without the support of you -- readers and friends -- who have been so generous with encouragement and praise.  

In the new year, this Bird resolves to continue exploring the world of fanciful things. I will carry on the browsing of whimsical finds for Fancy posts, keep creating collages of inspired Moods, as well as singular treasures and thoughts full of J'adore. The Jaunty Magpie has always been about being a resourceful Bird, and the Inspired posts showing items photographed from her own wardrobe will march onward, remaining a Polyvore-free site (not that I don't like it; I'm just weird and stubborn).

So please accept my utmost Jaunty Thanks for your supportive kindness, and I wish you all the very best in the new year!

With love and affection,
denise the magpie

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  1. I was taught the importance of handwritten thank you cards as well and I still write them to this day! Love your open letter to readers too :)

  2. You've inspired me to take care of my Christmas thank you cards today... Once I get started I always enjoy it.


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