October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but that doesn't mean a Bird has to dress up like a hot Malibu Barbie mess to show support for the cause. A black Benetton blazer topping a sequin-necked jersey dress that I can't for the life of me remember where I got, is a sparkling lbd-neutral backdrop to show off a pair of ba-zam bright pink tights. Just cross one's Jaunty stems and pretend you're a pink ribbon of support! Glittering accessories and the shiny foot jewelry of silver gladiator-style heels from Steve Madden, and one can go out for a night without looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Want to know the most vogue accessory of all? Taking your stylish credit card and donating to any number of breast cancer research and support charities. My personal favorite is Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Since 1982, they have been one of the leading breast cancer nonprofit groups, raising over a billion dollars towards finding a cure for a disease that has taken away too many beautiful souls and affected too many lives for far too long. Take the pledge of support, for the sake of loved ones and yourself. And if you haven't had your yearly exam, stop reading this blog and make an appointment with your doctor and keep up with self-exams. Awareness and early detection are the key!

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  1. i'm loving those silver shoes!!! I need another pair since the Carlos Santana ones I bought (which I adore) KILL my feet!! Ugh...

    Those black canvas bags you saw are actually more like luggage or carry-ons because of their size, so don't feel bad -- you aren't the only one that they would make look "12"! :)

    Great to hear from you!!!

    P.S. -- I'm now following you on Twitter!


  2. Love the post! You are hilarious! 'one can go out for a night without looking like a bottle of Pepto Bismol'


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