October has arrived, and it's putting a bit of an All Hallow's Eve feeling into this bird's Mood. Not to get all Goth Talk, but the Victorian era has always put a spring in this chicky's step. The detailed dresses with the corset-pinched waists, long dramatic coats, a ruffle here and there... so much decorative attention on what one wore, to express what couldn't be verbalized in polite society. Unlike now where we are surrounded by celebrities who absent-mindedly forgot underwear. Le sigh.

At least I'm not the only one dreaming of the past -- several creative minds are taking fashionable cues from this era. We have so many lovely objects to choose from to make our own statements: {1} Ivory ruffled silk Carina bolero by Bonzie {2} velvet shawl collar suit, piquet shirt and ascot tie with hat and leather boots by Z Zegna autumn/winter 2009 collection {3} Victorian Vintage Typewriter Floating Shift Key Pendant and Necklace by QA Create {4} ornate puff sleeve jacket by Bebe {5} Steampunk bracelet - copper brass and chrysoprase by Catherinette Rings {6} Peep Show by Nanette Lepore {7} eyelet denim jacket from TopShop US {8} braided tweed double-breasted blazer jacket with felt lapels by Chanel, fall/winter collection 2009/10.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiring post. I checked out the typewriter keys and found the "?" one tempting to wear on most days. LOL

  2. How do you create your looks. Theyre beautiful!

  3. I love this one! I'll be posting a bit about two steampunk flea market style events that are coming. The person putting them on sent me an email the other day with all the info. The last one I went to had INCREDIBLE vintage finds for ridiculously low prices.


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