Bellevue was blessed with one of the big finale shows of its six-day Fall Fashion Week. This year's new partnership of Vogue magazine and The Bellevue Collection resulted in the high-energy runway extravaganza that was Front Row Fashion, held at the Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Saturday night. Raising over $43,000 to benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bellevue, the event married style with goodwill, and the fashionable crowds came out to celebrate the cause.

This Bird attended more as a guest than an on-scene reporter. Meeting with friends and chatting with fellow guests, the overall atmosphere of Front Row Fashion was open, friendly, and giddy with excitement over the festive affair, as well as what was going to appear on the runway. People were happy to step out of the normal weekend routine, put on something fancy, and attend an event that reminded one of why fashion deserves a little celebration now and then. As humble as it sounds, sometimes power behind a studied look is to simply remind one that it's important to make the time to just feel beautiful. Beyond all the haute couture, celebrity-bedecked red carpets, and fashion power-plays lauded in magazines and the media, it is the everyday choices people make, and the inspiration that drives those decisions that really define the success and failure of fashion as an industry. Having the Front Row Fashion show, and then a shopping event at the neighboring Bellevue Square Mall continued the tradition of previous Fashion Weeks, encouraging people to feel invigorated by runway looks and giving them the confidence to make a stylish purchase with an impressive swag bag full of discounts and retail incentives.

The show presented this season's fashion broken down into several trending styles. Taking cues from the recent September issue of Vogue magazine, as well as popular looks being incorporated across the fashion landscape, the programming was divided into five distinctive categories: Biker Chic, Top Coats, Ladylike Sophistication, Eighties Redux, and Evening Glam. There was a sense of fun injected into the show, each segment fortified by a preview of imagery and video footage appropriate to each theme. Raucous energy from Steppenwolf's Born to be Wild and flashes of a young Brando in The Wild One accompanied the models wearing a mix of leather, chains and pops of red flannel in the first Biker Chic segment. Influences of the coat layout in last month's Vogue were combined with daytime elegance in the Top Coats and Ladylike Sophistication segments. Romantic, tailored looks showing off lighter, delicate pieces layered with soft cardigans, along with dramatic statement coats, were celebrations of the feminine form. The show's lively spirit kicked up with the runway-perfect sounds of Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistable and a parade of video clips and vintage Madonna in her totally rad 80s days to present the next collection of Eighties Redux looks. Blinding neon hues peppered the outfits as did exposed zippers and hardware embellishments. The takeaway from the return to the 80s was an appreciation for bold, solid colors -- a knowing nod to an era's prevailing taste, but not too beyond the chance for wearability of today's standards. The show's finale was a segment devoted to Evening Glam. Its distinctive mix of styles and hemlines sent the message that evening wear should not be categorized as simply The Little Black Dress. Having the most looks of all the segments, a wide array of dresses and gowns were shown, meant to appeal to a wide range of ages and tastes. The previous themes appeared in the final Evening Glam segment, whether it was a rock and roll look of black sequins, soft chiffon waves at the gathering of a waist, or an eye-catching solid mini-dress.

While unable to get post-worthy photos, this Bird still fixated on a few particular pieces, as shown by the Mood board: {1} Du Monde faux fox fur vest with belt from Nordstrom {2} charcoal wool metallic coat with grosgrain placket from Milly, available at Nordstrom {3} Rachel Roy studded dress from Macys {4} Phoebe Couture ruffled one shoulder dress, at Nordstrom {5} Kate Spade Mona coat with bow, at Nordstrom {6} feather black skirt by Haute Hippie, available at Nordstrom {7} Coach Pop C Art glam tote available at Macys {8} 3.1 Phillip Lim sequin trim tee, at Nordstrom

Talking with people after the show, the words I heard to describe the experience included: refreshing, fun, and I'm going to buy those boots right now! This Bird's initial thoughts were that while it wasn't as seamless a narrative in terms of clothing choices like the Nordstrom show earlier in the week, the unique beauty of Vogue's Front Row Fashion show was that it really sought to speak to the people, and not be exclusive to fashion insiders or industry influence -- something true to this Magpie's heart. Style is a state of mind and the success of putting a distinctive, personalized outfit together should be determined by the currency of one's creativity, not their wallet. Bravo to Vogue magazine for partnering with The Bellevue Collection, and to Fall Fashion Week as a whole, for presenting a series of events that will continue the dialogue over personal style, long after the catwalks are put away.

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  1. I have to agree. This was a very inspirational show! I loved the biker chic looks. For some reason, that style is speaking to me right now. I think I'm having nostalgic glimpses of my childhood when I wore Dr. Martin floral boots with tights and tattered denim shorts with an over-sized t-shirt.


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