A-ten HUT! Who doesn't appreciate a dapper filly or a dandy fellow in uniform -- or a sentence that managed to fit "dapper" and "dandy" together? Genius. A structured military jacket with touch-me velvet and decorative stitching can bring an outfit together and feel truly Inspired. Feminine ruffles, a belted waist, bright tights, and a graphic printed skirt make for a fun combination of texture and punches of color to keep the look from being too buttoned-up and stodgy. When in doubt, wear bright-colored tights. This Bird is thankful that fall is here.

Inspired pieces from the Jaunty Wardrobe include a jacket from Tar-jhay (OK, Target), black ruffle top and orange tights from Forever 21, booties from The Bay (O Canada!), flower necklace from Anthropologie, skirt is handmade, bag and brooch are vintage, obi belt from Smoking Lily (amazing shop in again, O Canada). The runway/magazine pieces that started this inspiration are Chanel, fall/winter 2009 collection, and Emma Watson wearing a Gryphon jacket, featured in Teen Vogue. Not that I read Teen Vogue regularly, but you have to admit, she was styled pretty fierce for that photo shoot; like how Punky Brewster would dress for the prom.

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  1. I love the Banana Republic miltary cardigan I bought last week. Comfy, dapper cool, as you say!


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