I'm back! I'm back! If you know me personally, you'll say, "You never left!" Which I guess is true -- I didn't go anywhere, I just took a break from blogging for a bit to take some time after a family member passed away. I will, at some point, make some kind of post relating to the issue of what happened, because I think it's something good to share, but right now, let's get to more cheerful things: hilarious Nihilist science fiction cartoons! Yes, you know the cartoon of which I speak, it is Rick and Morty.

If you've never heard of Rick and Morty - SHAME ON YOU. No, not really -- I had never heard of it up until over a month or so ago when the Mister was like, You Must Watch This. And he was right, it was damn good. No-holds-barred funny, the kind of blisteringly honest humor you'd find in Arrested Development, with the same dysfunctional family dynamics, along with cross-dimensional shenanigans. There's aliens, alternate universe versions of characters, an alien Garfield that only eats enchiladas, and even the Devil. It makes no sense, and that's why it's an amazing series. The best way I've seen Rick and Morty described was in this article by The Nerdist, which quite beautifully summarizes the show's greatest strengths. 

I can't put my thoughts into such well-written words, so instead I made this fan art of Dr. Rick Sanchez and grandson Morty Smith, if they were to ever meet up with all the Time Lords of Doctor Who. Which means stealing all their stuff and inevitably Cronenberg-ing them into a de-evolved mass of self-aware goo. Click the image to view a larger version -- Wubaluba-dub-dub!!!!! 

Jaunty Fine Print: Illustration by Denise Sakaki, inspired by Rick and Morty and Dr. Who

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