Nothing says Jaunty like being a functioning alcoholic. No, wait, that's not right. Maybe people might think that when wearing jewelry featuring champagne corks, but who cares -- they're cute as a button, don't you think?

This crafty J'adore-able post was driven by my borderline hoarding problem. I do love a glass of bubbly now and again (and again, and again...), and I always love the printing on the corks. Most have a little signet on the bottom and some have a design on the top as well. I've always been drawn to stamp designs, even cancelled postmarks, and these are no exception, so I had accumulated a small platoon of these corks in my jewelry box, awaiting a crafty fate. Their Special Purpose was revealed recently when I was working on some jewelry projects and I came across some extra screw-in eye hooks, which worked perfectly to allow a coin-shaped slice of cork to hang on a chain or ribbon. The cork was easy enough to slice down using a sharp craft blade and I must say, if you do this at home, the cork of a recently-popped bottle of bubbly is easier to slice through than one that's dried out. Just a crafty FIY. So, at the risk of spoiling some holiday gift surprises this year, I wanted to share this Jaunty crafty project with you! :)

Jaunty Fine Print:   photos by Denise Sakaki

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