Blame a crazy week, but dammit, this Birdy needs a mini-Spring Break!  I am overly excited to cast off my Workaholic/troll-like existence and get out to have a little fun. Well, between other work stuff. You know... moderation. Looking forward to catching up with some friends and literally sipping the season at this year's Woodinville Reserve: A White and Rosé Affair. Ooh, sounds scandalous, no? ;) Don't worry, it's probably one of the most pleasant springtime events you could treat yourself with.

This would seem like something that's a better fit for my food blog, but the appreciation of wine is so much of an atmospheric experience -- a bit like fashion. Wine is about terroir -- a sense of place; it evokes memories of travel, both near and far. You feel just a little fancier sipping wine from a proper long-stemmed glass. And, like our wardrobe, it's very much seasonal. As I fold away heavy sweaters and pull out lighter, brighter pieces, I'm looking forward to sampling the latest spring releases of local Washington Rosés. This year's White and Rosé Affair will be at one of my favorite places, Novelty Hill/Januik Winery. Modern and sleek with Northwest warmth and textures, it's a beautiful spot for springtime sips, wearing a springtime dress, be it rain or shine. Rosé All Day, indeed!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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