We interrupt your day to bring you this message... DOG. In what I can only describe as Dog Therapy (I'm pretty sure I've hashtagged it a few times), my heart is not bereft of happy dog smiles, belly rubs, ear scratches and the longing stares as you're trying to eat pizza. Here's to Dogs, and the joy they bring.

I still miss my darling Indy with all my heart -- I still cry when I think about her, but being around other dogs has been very therapeutic.  It doesn't make me sad to be around other fuzzy friends, if anything, it reminds me how much I can't live without a dog, and I know we'll open our hearts to a new dog someday soon. Spending time with friends' dogs (and strangers' dogs, too) has been a life saver, and so this short message goes out to everyone who has let me snuggle their fuzzy friends to death.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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