I know it's been a steady stream of summer flowers, blooms and dogs -- but this is a personal blog, and I feel like it should reflect what's happening in one's life. I haven't been super excited about things to buy or what's "on trend," instead, I've been inspired more by special moments and experiences. I've always said that Real Life informs how we express ourselves, in work, appearance, etc. It's been a year of emotional up's and down's, and I feel like more than ever, I need the simple but powerful inspiration of life around me, and not what's in a magazine or on a store shelf.

The summer sunsets of the Pacific Northwest are amazing -- they literally take over social media on particularly noteworthy days. It's a perfect combination of reality mixing with virtual reality -- we're all wanting to share something incredible happening before our eyes, and we're sharing different views and perspectives, but it's still a collective experience. When we have a stunning summer sunset and everyone's sharing their excitement and awe of such beauty, it's a lovely reminder that there is unity in this world, we all seek beauty, and it's nothing that can be boxed, packaged, or branded. 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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