I'm falling in love with the Fine Art of Doing Nothing. I wouldn't call it being lazy -- you're still doing things like having backyard barbecues, sitting around with a cocktail in hand on a hot day, and just taking a moment to soak in the Nothingness. And it can be in your yard or someone else's, as we've been yard-hopping all summer at friends' houses.

I'm learning to just sit on our patio, when our furniture gets some shade on it, and just let the sounds of the afternoon surround me. My spirit guide has been our dog, Indy, who insists on just sitting around the yard, taking everything in. We're not chasing summer concerts or festivals, just enjoying the space and sights of our own backyard. So I'm taking my liberties this summer and enjoying what's in my own backyard (or others') instead of seeking out new adventures. 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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