I'm already feeling the mind-stagnation of favorite series barreling out all the good stuff within the first two months of the year.  I purposely rationed-out the latest season of Sherlock because I knew it was a short season. And God knows when we'll get more, since the two leads are busy in Middle Earth and that whole "Success" thing. So when my personal Mind Palace gets musty and dusty... I play around with Photoshop

No huge reason for this, outside of the fact that I enjoyed Sherlock's wild n' wooly third season. No spoilers, but it's definitely taking on its own direction for how they want to push future seasons. The canon of Arthur Conan Doyle is most certainly cast aside, because this season had some great what-the-what moments. Despite being a fan of the original work, I think it's an improvement to go off the rails. 

While I liked the first couple of seasons where Doyle's original works were modernized, I felt some of the most-anticipated dramatizations were hung up on trying to stay true to the original material, yet be clever about it. Doing their own thing has freed the series up to have more fun and take classic characters into somewhat uncharted waters. Holmes purists may not approve, but I feel like they probably disapproved since the beginning of this modern reboot. I'm looking forward to future seasons, whenever the heck that will be. Until then, the game is on and Boom goes the Baker Street.   
Jaunty Fine Print: Image collage by Denise Sakaki - images collected from The Inter-Webs

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