picture-perfect timing

They say timing is everything -- and it's totally true! We can probably list all the just-missed moments of wonderful-ness in our lives; an opportunity that slipped through our fingers, even a lost love that was never meant to be. But what about the rare, treasured moments where it was as if all the stars aligned, and you literally felt like you were exactly in the perfect place, precisely where the Universe wanted you to be? 

I've been having a tough time deciding how I wanted to share some of our recent vacation photos -- the Birdy went photography-mad on our trip to Germany and France. Too many places, stories, experiences, sights, sounds and sensations to fit into one, much less a handful of blog posts. I'm sharing a lot of our food-related adventures on my other blog, Wasabi Prime, but there were so many other non-edible experiences, it's impossible to share it in a way that will do this trip justice. And so I decided, don't even try.

So many friends asked upon our return, which was, "What was your favorite part?" An obvious question, but an impossible answer, because, really, how can one choose? I find that big, adventurous vacations are easier to process weeks, almost a month after you've returned, and  your usual daily life has given it some perspective. It's interesting to see what memories stick with you, and they're not always the most obvious breathtaking moments. 

But I do have to say, our trip started off with a bang, or more like a torrential rainstorm, as we tried to explore the German city of Koln on a miserable November day. We had high hopes of spending more time wandering around, but the rain was literally going sideways, and we had to cut our day short. I had such regret over missing out on more time in the city, and the weather pretty much reflected my mood. 

As we were departing the city that night, on a river ship coasting down the Rhine, the Mister happened to open our window at the perfect moment, and we were blessed with one of the most stunning views I'd seen. The weather had calmed, the city was alight, and we watched the night cast a quiet spell over Koln. The view was incredibly vibrant, with the Gothic spires of the Kolner Dom, the grand cathedral, shining against the cityscape, along with the lit-up restored castles and bridges filling the horizon with a warm glow. The ship we were on barely made a sound, all you could hear was the gentle rush of the river as we cut a path through it. There was barely a breeze, we could sit out and breathe in the night air and join the silence of the city as we departed. We sipped tea and watched the view until the glow of the city faded into darkness. It was one of the most perfect moments I can remember, and I felt like we were exactly where we needed to be. 

Jaunty Fine Print: Photography by Denise Sakaki

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