Are you ready to rumble for 2014?? It's a lot to think about, 2013: The Year that Was. There's so many notable moments, and it's been a busy year to say the least, but sometimes the best stuff is saved for last, which is a good thing, because that's what stays fresh in our mind and inspires us for the year ahead.

One of the most beautiful places we visited on our trip to Germany was Heidelberg Castle in the city of the same name. It's a super-fun-beautiful city, that Heidelberg; a mix of cobblestone roads and old buildings dating back hundreds of years, but it's also a college town, so it's quite a youthful city. For as many classic bakeries and shops, there are funky cafes and bars to keep the place lively. We spent most of our time in Heidelberg admiring its beautiful castle, a gorgeous preservation of Renaissance architecture. We were also dodging some very finicky weather through Germany, but were blessed with an incredible burst of sun and blue skies while at Heidelberg. The sunlight made the buildings glow, and we were given an incredible view of the city and river below. For all the dreary downpours, the day finished on a sunny note, and it made the whole journey worthwhile.

It was definitely one of the memorable moments that were blog-worthy, and a perfect New Year's-themed post. It's a reminder to always look ahead, past the dark clouds, beyond the gray skies -- bright days are always in front of us. They may not last, but neither do the stormy ones. We don't know what 2014 will bring, but we shall weather the bad days so that we can appreciate the good ones.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photography by Denise Sakaki

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