The Birdy's all aflutter -- there's a busy week ahead, because my-oh-my, it's time for Fashion Week in Bellevue again! It's a sign that the year is truly flying, because it seems last year's shows were not that long ago. And perhaps that's just a reflection of fashion itself -- it moves fast, it's unrelenting, and beauty can truly be fierce.

Hopefully you have your tickets bought and your calendars marked for the shows this week for the Bellevue Collection Fashion Week. I'm glad they've brought back the Independent Designer Runway Show that first premiered last year. And this year's Nordstrom show is finally giving the Jaunty fellas their due -- it's a menswear show co-produced with GQ Magazine, but if you want to take a peek at last year's looks, you can see one of the Jaunty posts of 2012. There's the Posh Party on Friday, kind of a cocktail-party-meets-runway event, and then the big Saturday main event, Vogue Magazine's Front Row Fashion, which always draws a sold-out crowd. Sunday is the final show, which is the most edgy and fun -- Seven Salon's runway event, titled Memoir. That's always the show with the most energy and fun looks.

Jaunty fingers crossed, I should be shooting photos for a few shows this week.  I always keep my fingers crossed, as even though you're assured you're on "the list," it's still something that could go sideways. In all the years I've covered Bellevue's growing fashion week events, it's never been a problem, but hey, I'm a superstitious old bird! So, will hopefully see you at the madness of Fashion Week in Bellevue this week!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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