Anthropologie Anniversary

It's a birthday for a most lovely and stylish darling, Anthropologie! Can you believe they've been around for twenty years? Well, their endlessly charming stores haven't aged a bit, nor has their perennial sense of twee fashion sense. To celebrate turning the big two-oh, Anthropologie has put out The Archival Collection -- 20 favorites over the last 20 years, and I have to say, these darlings are some of my favorites! 

I love Anthropologie because whenever I want a special outfit, usually a dress or a skirt, this is my go-to shop. I don't even know what I'm looking for, yet I always find something truly special. I often find something I wasn't even planning on getting, like funky, decorative drawer pulls. That's one of my major impulse buys when I'm Anthro-browsing. Our dressers at home are festooned with mismatched, crazy drawer pulls

I was really charmed by the favorites they've brought back, and had to share my Anthro Faves amongst their 20X20 collection: {1} Ruffle skirt by Vanessa Virginia, {2} Peplum Cardi by Sleeping On Snow, {3}Sightseer Pencil Skirt by Elevenses, {4} Striped Dress by Maeve, {5} Tropics Dress

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos from Anthropologie's website, the Archival Collection

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  1. I love dress number 4! Anthropologie is a great shop!


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