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Is anyone ever too old for a one-piece romper? This Old Bird admits that the first time the one-piece/pant suit/romper trend started to make its way back around, my Fashion Spidey Sense was tingling in the category of: Danger, Miss Birdy, DANGER! Mostly because the earlier versions of this one-piece dressing look looked too cookie-cutter 70s throwback or the romper stylings that should have been on a schoolgirl. But, like all things, styles evolve, as do opinions. So this Bird is saying YES to Shorteralls!

Frankly, my main concern with one piece dressing is the question one isn't supposed to ask, which is: when you have to "powder your nose," how does that work? It must be like trying to use the bathroom with a one piece bathing suit, which frankly skeeves me out, thinking this would happen in public restrooms. I realize these questions are not the most fashionable things to think about, but I'm a pragmatist, I can't help but wonder how this stuff works. But I'm also getting tempted by the really adorable, cute and comfortable styles that are going on with these one-piece outfits, to the point where I'll ignore all those pesky, practical questions. 

What brought me over to Team Romper was the range of styles, colors and materials that are being offered for what's essentially a basic pant/short suit. I really like that there are casual, comfy styles, along with evening looks, and ones where they have the look of a short cocktail dress or even two pieces. So maybe this Bird will rock one of these one-piece wonders before the summer's over, as inspired by these Jaunty finds: {1} Twelfth St. fabric block romper by Cynthia Vincent, {2} Coincidence and Chance gaucho jumpsuit, {3} Pins and Needles scallop-edge romper, {4} Tilda romper by Rachel Pally, {5} Pins and Needles Tie-Front Pinup Romper, {6} Leland deep pocket romper by Rachel Zoe, {7} BCBGeneration striped cutout romper, {8} Skittles sequin romper by French Connection

Jaunty Fine Print: photos from shops listed above

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