You know what this Sunday is....The drama! The anguish! The human experience boiled down to crucial moments, displayed on the television. Yeah, that's right, Downton Abbey! I know there's that other big Super Sunday event, the one with dudes running around a big field, chasing after a oblong-shaped ball that's called a pigskin, yet oddly covered in cowhide (no one questions this...?). Given last week's OMG-DID-YOU-SEE-WHAT-HAPPENED Downton episode, this Sunday, along with the whole upcoming season is fraught with anticipatory, yet overly-civilized drama. And we eat it up with a bouillabaisse spoon

Yes, Downton Abbey just a big costume soap opera, but it's oddly addictive -- even Mr. Magpie is hooked and he's the one who suggested we watch it. Oh, Snap! This doodle was brought to you by my bored mind, on the back of some work note scratchpaper. I was clearly distracted with a mashup of Downtown and Superbowl Sunday, plus this hilarious video, which I think is an appropriate thing to share: 

So get ready to get Down-ton this Super Sunday. Remember which spoon goes with which course, get them elbows off the table as you're eating your spicy hot wings in the most civilized way possible, and let us all pray like Tebow for the upstairs/downstairs souls that lurk within the halls of Downton Abbey! 37-23-42 - HIKE!

Jaunty Fine Print: Drawing by Denise Sakaki

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