I think everyone should take a break from winter, right in its worst, most gloomy of months -- which is RIGHT NOWI know, it sounds strange to go on a break right after taking time off for the holidays, that is, unless you were like this Bird who didn't take a long holiday break, knowing I'd be flying off for a week to soak up some sun for a few days. It's all give and take, that pesky thing called Life. I was puttering away on projects with loose ends while others were fa-la-la-ing it up and decking halls, knowing that when that the gloom of January came, I had a bright spot to look forward to, aka, A Real Freakin' Vacation. There's something oddly satisfying about sticking it to grumpy Old Man Winter in the coldest of months, heading to somewhere warm and the complete opposite of what home is. But the Birdie shall return, fear not. There's a whole year ahead and it's good sense to energize right at the start of it so that you feel ready to tackle on whatever 2013's got in store!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo by Denise Sakaki

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