A very Jaunty HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! With any luck, you've made merry, said farewell to 2012 in style, and ready to face 2013 energized... and only slightly hung over. Wooho!!! (more aspirin, please)

I wanted to share this year's holiday card design, which I hope you like. The idea came to me one day, towards the end of summer, funny enough. I thought of snow globes and how they're like the captured dreams of places and things we all wish for. And they're always full of snow, hence the name -- but what do snowmen gaze at when looking at a snow globe? Surely, they must dream of tropical beaches and sunny skies, something that seems like a lofty, but I daresay not impossible goal. 

Because nothing should be impossible, not during the beginning of a year when we are given the luxury of Dreaming Big! For generous souls who spread kindness to strangers. For the one time of year where children can believe in a little magic, and we're reminded of what that wonderful feeling was like. For wishes and dreams we can hope to fulfill in the new year. 

Don't let that holiday goodwill fade away when the chill of January arrives -- keep that generous spirit warming your heart. And continue to be inspired, energized and excited with the Jaunty world around you to power you into this bright, shiny new year ahead!

Jaunty Fine Print: Illustration by Denise Sakaki - Happy New Year!!

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  1. I just love that picture! I took down all the Christmas cards this morning but couldn't bear taking this one down. It makes me smile. Very clever.

    Happy New Year!


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