The Birdy's final month-long ode to the cancelled-but-not-forgotten series Firefly is something that brings nerd-ness and style together in a single post. The look of Firefly was about as close to Steampunk as network television was going to get. It was somewhat ahead of its time, since the series came out ten years ago, prior to the level of recognition this Jules Verne-inspired costume obsession has today. Now, Steampunk has the cultural familiarity that brings to mind a quote from Triumph the Insult Dog, upon observing a fan's homemade costume: "Which of these buttons do I press to call your mom to pick you up?"

Jokes aside, it is a striking look that combines a bit of 1800s Jauntiness with a Western edge to rough it up a bit. While none of us are living in a sci-fi/western universe, having adventures on a spaceship, I found some lovely wearables that have the high drama with the fashion pedigree to match. 

As in all style common sense rules -- don't wear all this at once or you really will look like a cos-play refugee begging to have your lunch money stolen. But the pieces on their own are beautiful with a tough edge, surely putting you in a stylishly fantastical Mood: {1} Trouve faux leather panel leggings, {2} Black and bronze buckled half boots by Laurence Dacade, {3} MCQ razor blade brass and leather cuff by Alexander McQueen, {4} Rockstud driving gloves by Valentino, {5} Old and New pocket watch necklace from ModCloth, {6} Ravel Hope leather boot with double buckle detail, {7} Washed leather fingerless gloves by Vince Camuto, {8} Wool felt coat with leather lapels by Salvatore Ferragamo, {9} Tailored cotton riding jacket in camel by Burberry, {10} Multistrap leather cuff bracelet by Leatherock  

Jaunty Fine Print: items from shops listed above

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