Burgundy is the It-Color for this fall/winter season, it seems. And why not? It's rich, classic and can be as bold as it is understated. This Birdy just has a hard time not shouting, "Sex Panther!!" every time I see an article mention this on-trend hue. If you haven't seen Anchorman, with Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy, first off: what is wrong with you? And secondly: go rent/borrow/steal a copy of it this very second so you too will shout Sex Panther! every time you hear the word "burgundy." 

Now that the matter is cleared up, I want to say I really do love this color, jokes aside. But I like it the way I enjoy a burgundy wine -- one small dose at a time. It's no neon orange, but it's still a statement color, and that's exactly why, in my Jaunty opinion, it's far more interesting to rock it with accessories. If the clothing isn't cut well or the silhouette is off, an all-over burgundy look can be a little matronly or like you just stepped out of 70s Leisure Suit-ville Anchorman. But an interesting pair of gloves, a modern shaped purse, even a small touch of color to eyewear -- it's a more sophisticated nod to your appreciation for a stylish color, but not a headlong nose-dive into a trend. 

These are some Jaunty finds I liked, which make burgundy the perfect touch of luxe to your outfit, day or night: {1} Courchevel tie-dye cashmere scarf by Dianora Salviati, {2} Anita trilby hat by Steven Alan, {3} Enameled Octopus Ring by Marmen, {4} G-Skull velvet loafer in burgundy by Jon Josef, {5} No. 21 Deep Burgundy lip color by Burberry, {6} Disc and Ribbon necklace by Herve Van Der Straeten, {7} Rubber Turnlock Bracelet in burgundy by Marc by Marc Jacobs, {8} Lambskin Fingerless Long Cuffed Gloves in burgundy by Imoni, {9} Dugueclina by Christian Louboutin, {10} Oversize Burgundy Suede de Manta Clutch by Alexander McQueen, {11} 518 Sunglasses in burgundy by Juicy Couture  

Jaunty Fine Print: images from shops listed above

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