Summer Lovin' having a blast... summer lovin' happened so fast! This Bird never thought she'd say it, but I'll be a little sad to see the summer days end. I know there's still likely another month's worth of beautiful sunsets, warm afternoons and the twilight hours stretching much longer than they would in the dearth of winter. But I can already feel that slight nip in the nighttime air, a crispness that signals an autumnal approach.  

Maybe it was too many years spent in the crazy heat of Arizona, but summertime was never my favorite season. I loved the idea of being on break from school, but I remember by the time August would roll around, I would be in a state of constant dread, already mourning my loss of lazy days and no homework. Thankfully no more studies and pop quizzes, just a steady pace of balancing work and taking time to fall back in love with a season full of color-explosion sunsets and lazy afternoons. Speaking of lazy, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day -- see ya!

Jaunty Fine Print: photograph by Denise Sakaki

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