The Birdy was swept up in a moment of early spring when looking at the latest Anthropologie catalog! I like using it as an idea book, ripping out pictures and pretty things to put in my crazy collage book of inspiration. The trend I saw more of was the wear-cute-little-girl-socks-with-pretty-heels. I know it's a finicky trend, not everyone can pull it off as it can look downright childish and silly if not done right, but it's been on the runways for a while, showing up on fall collections. Granted, you need enviably long legs to really pull this off, but I think as long as the sock is thin enough and goes nicely with the shoe, it almost becomes like an ankle boot. This Bird really likes this look, as it lets me get away with not having a pedicure quite yet, and still be able to wear shoes that reveal the toes!  

But the Bird can't skip painted toes forever -- also wanted to say that this will be the last post before I head on a well-needed vacation. Flying off to tropical breezes to visit family, as inspired by the incredible Greenfynch Settee that totally caught my Jaunty eye in the catalog. It's like having a piece of furniture that went somewhere tropical and came back with a little of it! What a colorful, whimsical piece -- as much whimsy as socks with heels! But don't fret, the Bird shall return the second week of March, refreshed and rejuvenated. Until then, Aloha and dream of early spring days! 

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from Anthropologie.com Feb catalog

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