Sometimes it's good to just dwell in your own creative meanderings now and then. And taking some time off helps to feel invigorated and inspired. Breathe in... breathe out... and doodle away! I always have skectchbooks aplenty lying around the house, and while looking through magazines or seeing something I'd want to try for myself, it's easier to just quickly scribble something down. Sketches are such a wonderful creative tool; they're pure expression, an attempt to capture the fleeting moment of an idea as it's touched your mind, and the drawing is just a light impression of it. Your mind will recall it in greater detail (hopefully) at a later time, when you revisit the scribble. It becomes like a visual footnote for a thought about to be realized, no?

How do you use sketchbooks for your creative process?

Jaunty Fine Print: illustrations by Denise Sakaki


  1. I doodle, draw maps, and create dialogs of what I want, think, need, or am figuring out. I need to commit to spending a little time each day doing this. Too often I get totally side tracked. I love your blog.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so fantastic! I really need to start drawing again. I haven't since starting It's My Darlin'... That sort of became my creative outlet but I would love to get back to doing art regularly. This is great inspiration. Thanks!


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