Hap-hap-happy 2012! Did you have a fabulously festive New Years weekend celebrating this bright and shiny new year? Are you probably still nursing a wicked hangover and putting off that pesky ol' resolution thing until the aspirin kicks in? Yeah, yeah, this Birdy gets it, we've all been there.

Of course, one of the big reasons I love New Years is the excuse to get dolled up and be a fancy Birdy. This year was no different, bringing together old favorites that give a bit of sparkle and shine. I was Inspired by a vintage 1930s photo of a swimsuit that was actually crocheted, if you can believe it. I liked that it had the look of a jumpsuit, almost disco-like. I have no crochet skills, but I need no prompting to find an excuse to wear sparkle-sequin shorts! A 1970s whim made me pull my favorite purple halter tie-neck blouse out. It's a Jaunty Wardrobe outfit that's made appearances before, but this Birdy doesn't care that it's been worn -- gasp -- a couple of times. We wear what makes us feel festive and fun. And really, when else is a good time to wear sequin shorts, but New Years??

From the Jaunty Wardrobe: fabulous sparkle-sequin shorts from Express, silk halter top from Macys, boots from The Bay, jewelry and handbag are vintage. BYO party attitude.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photo from Vintage Home Arts, Jaunty Wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki

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