You always have one of those friends or family members who's a total nut for food and trying new flavors, right? Or maybe it's someone who's hard to buy for, but has an adventurous palate. Consider giving Foodzie a try. I got a bunch of tasty things from them last Christmas, tracking down unique, small food crafters, both local and abroad, buying items that would ship well and be a memorable gift for the recipient. A sweet and spicy quince jam, specialty breads and cheeses, jam made with bacon and caramelized onion! They specialize in conversation-worthy treats like this, perfect for a person who truly savors every bite of something special.

Originally Foodzie was sort of like an edible Etsy, with small businesses being able to create a mini storefront presence on their network, but they've since changed their setup -- much less products, but still an eye for interesting things. They've definitely curated their offerings, fewer items, very seasonal, so usually within 30 days, it's all new, and there's also a subscription service, for small Tasting Boxes with samples of diffferent items are shipped to your home every month. That's a nice gift idea, since it's like getting a different care package.

I genuinely like what Foodzie does, specializing in showcasing discover-worthy items, and when it comes to gift-giving, food is a nice choice. It's a way to find out more about a small, independent business who really puts their heart and soul into something handmade. These are small-batch products and they have a charm all their own, something to consider when you're doing holiday shopping and want to support smaller companies.

Jaunty Fine Print:  imnages from Foodzie website

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