'Tis the season, says the Magpie, to start thinking of thoughtful gestures to bestow upon our loved ones... like a bar of soap that says "Filthy Cougar." Bwah-hah-hah!! Oh, come on, you laughed. At least a giggle or two.

It's also the season for us to make the commitment to buy local, small and independent, and/or Made in America, as much as possible. The tricky thing about an economy in peril is, you can't be such a Scrooge that businesses aren't allowed to thrive on much-needed consumer dollars. We've got to do our part! Which is exactly why we should use our Jaunty Powers for Good in the form of responsible consumer choices! Think of it as an adventure, exploring new places to buy gifts for loved ones, versus that care package of Chia Pets and hot pink Snuggies. 

For the month of December, I will be featuring fun, independent-minded businesses or sources for gift ideas. This one is one I've mentioned before on the blog -- meet Filthy Farmgirl, a lovely little handmade soap company that's in the tropical wonderland of Hawaii. I've frequented their table at the Hilo Farmers Market before, gathering up as many soaps as I can fit into my carry-on bag. But don't worry if you don't live in Hawaii, you can order their products online and they've got Free Shipping right now! Their soaps are all natural, promising "No Yucky Stuff," made with herbs and spices from local organic farmers and the products are vegan-friendly. Since I met them over a year ago, they've expanded their cheeky-named soap "flavors" to naughty number 69, and added Smoochie lip balms. They're an example of a little company that could, growing and thriving as an independent small business that supports its community, offering a really unique product that is most definitely made in America.  

I love that you can see whole bits of the ingredients they use in their soap, like grounds of coffee in their Mocha Minx, or lavender buds in their Lavender Rose Dreamland. And don't let the saucy names make you think it's too blush-worthy a gift for your Great Aunt Maude -- there's plenty of soaps whose names are as sweetly-named as the scents they carry, like Coconut Lime Slice, Sassy Honey Oatmeal, or Awesome Blossom. But let's be honest, don't you want to give your LOL-worthy friends a bar of soap named Filthy Beaver, Filthy Cock or Filthy Ass? And wouldn't your nerdy pals love a bar of soap with a Filthy Zombie or Filthy Flying Spaghetti Monster on it? They'll think it's so awesome, and smell so wonderful, they won't even want to use it. When I give these soaps to friends, they often keep them as sweet-smelling silly showpieces in their bathrooms. And the ones that do use them are very pleased with the results, loving how they're getting clean with something Filthy.

So when you're making your list, checking it twice, put Filthy Farmgirl on the shopping list and order now, before the holidays!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos by Denise Sakaki, soaps by Filthy Farmgirl

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  1. Thanks! Jason loves good soaps! Im going to order some for Christmas!


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