Tick-tock, tick-tock, almost time for Christmas! Are you suffering from the annual nervous breakdown yet? This Bird is on her last feathered nerve, to be sure, but somehow enjoying every harried moment of it. When the moment of crisis arrives, this Magpie resorts to her food instinct and heads into the kitchen to bake. 

The smell of baking cookies is immediately soothing. And the contact sugar high isn't so bad either. Sometimes the greatest gift is one that is homemade and edible. Cookies, cakes, even a pie. No one is unhappy to recieve something like these. And it doesn't have to be decorated in the fuss of sugar and icing. This Bird is more than happy to get a plate full of chocolate chip cookies -- my absolute favorite! So, if you have some time to bake for a loved one, please do. And remember to leave a couple of cookies out on Christmas Eve. I'm sure Santa could use the sugar high on his busiest night of the year.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photo by Denise Sakaki

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