This Birdy seeks J'adore-worthy things everywhere, especially on television. Even when pesky things like plotlines get in the way, I still appreciate a series where wardrobe is a character all its own. I'm a periodic Gossip Girl-watcher, but my personal style-eye has been fixed for the last couple of months on Ringer, another CW Network show. Total honesty -- they had me at Sarah Michelle Gellar. Or, more to the point, Buffy. I've been a die hard SMG fan since the day she was staking vamps, and I was so excited to see her back on television because she's cute as a button and oh-so fashionable.

I like to call Ringer a more grown-up version of Gossip Girl; the wardrobe is more elegant and stately with its wonderful Upper West Side WASP-iness, but it's still distinctive, with a nod to the classic styles of the 1960s. The plot of the show is like a Hitchcock film: twin sisters, a faked death, an assumed identity, murderous intent at every turn, no one you can trust, and of course, an icy blonde. Two, in this case. I won't get into the plot details, at this point it's just too complex to try and explain, but even in the worst of times, the heroine is dressed to the nines with impeccably good hair. Murder, mayhem, the perils of being a socialite -- but never a hair out of place or a poorly-considered ensemble. Always classic, cool and with a bit of sparkle. I love it!! After I watch this show, I feel like a just got a shot of Vitamin C, as in Chic, because I feel guilty walking around in an oversized track suit for the day, and feel the need to put something decent on.

Jaunty Fine Print:  imnages from Ringer page on CWTV.com

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