Tis the season for The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week! One of the big shows to kick off the multi-day celebration of fall and winter fashion is the Nordstrom Fall Runway Show. The Birdy was sad not to see them grace the runway last year, but was really excited when they announced they would do a show for 2011. This show features clothing lines handpicked from Nordstrom's wide range of designer collections and typically features regional favorites and often times has more of an edgier look. It's also one of the better pre-show parties to people-watch, as the best trends to see aren't always on the runway, but what people are wearing for a special night out. Just like in previous years, Nordstrom and the Detlef Schrempf Foundation worked together to make the event a benefit to target a specific charity, and this year's beneficiary was the Bellevue Youth Theatre, which I can say from personal experience, is a great organization to support. I have friends whose children have been involved in plays, it's a theatre group that encourages childrens' involvement in the arts, all the kids get parts and play a role in the performance, building that sense of teamwork and community.

But on to the nitty-gritty -- there were several looks and trends being showcased, and despite snapping away at everything, I wanted to show some of the trend highlights, as well as personal Jaunty Magpie favorites. Overall, I thought the show was curated for looks that would fit what Eastside shoppers would buy and wear; they didn't go as over the top as I'd hoped, not that I was expecting a Lady Gaga meat dress, but I appreciate a show that takes a few daring chances to inspire style versus following fashion trends. I think these are all very wearable looks, and I purposely didn't show a lot of the all-black looks that weighed down the more fun and vibrant pieces. For this runway show review, I wanted to take out the wardrobe safety nets and show only the things that make people excited about making a look stand out.

Bright Color: (from left to right) Diane Von Furstenberg, Haute Hippie, Rag and Bone, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Stripes and Pattern: (from left to right) Elizabeth and James, Rag and Bone, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Robert Rodriguez 

Sequins and Metallics: (from left to right) Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Haute Hippie, Haute Hippie

Long Hemlines and Dresses: (from left to right) Haute Hippie, Haute Hippie, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Fur: (from left to right) Marc by Marc Jacobs, Haute Hippie, Millly, Elizabeth and James

Dressing in Leather: (from left to right) Vince for all three looks

Sartorial Menswear: (from left to right) Marc by Marc Jacobs, Hugo Boss, Rag and Bone

On to my personal favorites! I love a bold mix of color, pattern and fabric textures, and these were the three looks that got me the most excited: (from left to right) Milly, Marc by Marc Jacobs for last two

Of course I love sparkle, so these were some of the best ways of making an outfit shine, for both day and night, using different amounts of metallics and sequins: (from left to right) Mily, Vince, Milly

I go between feeling girly and wanting to be ladylike, and these different looks are like a time travel wonderland! Disco chic, classic-meets-futuristic, and bohemian rocker princess: (from left to right) Halston Heritage, Robert Rodriguez, Haute Hippie

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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