This Bird isn't ashamed to say that not only does she have a girl-crush on the fantastic Maggie Q, I'm completely crushing on her J'adore-able wardrobe in the reboot-part-deux of Nikita on the CW Network, which I'm also digging on when I'm in need of escapist television. I never realized taking down a rogue government agency could be adorned with so many soft, drapey sweaters. It's like before the mysterious operative code named Nikita busted out of Division, she made sure to raid the nearest Eileen Fisher and took no prisoners with the cashmere.

You think I'm joking, but I do seriously covet her wardrobe. The color palette is a lot of deep earthy tones, muted and sophisticated colors, and every shade of grey under the colorblind rainbow, and she looks stunningly sensible. For the most part, I'm just glad they're not putting Maggie Q in the garishly hoochie outfits they had her wearing for all the early promos. Gag. And really, where the heck would a gal stow an automatic submachine gun in a miniskirt, anyways? All her cozy long sweaters thrown over soft t's and dark leggings makes me think, if you're going to be fighting your way through a team of bad guys, you may as well be comfortable.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos of Maggie Q from the Nikita series page on the CW website

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