It's a fashion whirlwind every year when Fashion Week rolls into Bellevue-town. But they don't end with a whisper, they have to do a big finish, with big music, big heels and big hair! The last big show to close out 2011's Eastside fashion celebration was Report Footwear's Undressed show, featuring wild hairstyles by Seven Salon and clothing by Vince. It was a more theatrical turn compared to other shows, adding dynamic lighting, choreographed walks and a runway look that was meant to inspire the imagination.

Each segment had a distinct theme, from the bare necessities of good hair and high heels, to the vintage funk of the disco era. The mood of this show was young and playful; it was about celebrating the way fashion can be a way to transform a person.  

Jaunty Photography by: Denise Sakaki

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