This Bird is still feeling a passion for fashion, as shown by these photos taken at the Freestyle Theory show, one of the last events from the Bellevue Fashion Week 2010 extravaganza. This show was an artful combination of the city-cool looks of Zebra Club and the amazing stylist designs of SEVEN the Salon. This was a nice way of showing off both hair and clothing, with a nice mix of push-pull between the hair and clothing styles so that one wouldn't overshadow the other on the runway. I especially liked the design of the show itself, dividing each segment into city themes, so you felt like you were traveling around the world with carefully chosen pieces to reflect the international urban landscape. So without further adieu, grab your passport and prepare to visit five cities:

Seattle: Nods to Grunge with a bit of flannel here and there, and the light outerwear were good choices for battling the finicky weather. The umbrellas were great props, but as everyone knows - the true locals don't even use 'em! 

Tokyo: Moshi-moshi! The models were adorable and I loved the bright fluorescent colored shoes. There was a great breakdancing moment of Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo proportions with some models getting down with their bad selves down the runway, but my photos didn't turn out as great as I would have liked -- just believe me when I say it was an exciting and totally rad 80s flashback.

New York: A great mix of styles as an ode to the city everyone Hearts so much. The menswear was more rugged and the ladies were all about sleek, urbane styles. I loved the dramatic ropy ponytails the ladies were sporting!

London: Punky-funky with a mix of leather jackets, bold prints and big chain jewelry that would make Mr. T envious. I pity the fool who wouldn't dig on these looks. I think this series was my favorite city look, just because everything was so distinctive and full of attitude from head to toe. 

Paris: The women's looks were a nice nod to 1930s and 40s vintage. I'm glad the feather craze hasn't totally gone out yet, because I love this look. I got a great Edith Piaf with a hint of Mata Hari seductress. The menswear was more polished and formal than the previous city looks, perhaps because if one is in Paris, one should always be ready for style.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki, thanks to Zebra Club, SEVEN the Salon, The Bellevue Collection and Vogue

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  1. Hi Denise!

    Thank you for coming to our show and I am glad you enjoyed yourself. The write up is fabulous :)



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