Seriously, Summer?! You show up late to the party, don't even bring a hostess gift, be cranky and full of mood swings for the whole season and only now you put your party game face on?? We were wearing parkas in June. The rain didn't seem to end until mid-July. And the temperature swings have been more like hot flashes, with the numbers jumping from one end of the spectrum to another in a matter of days. Summer, the Bird has to say, she has had just about enough of you...

But the crazy last hurrah of summer over the weekend, with a burst of heat on Sunday put everyone in a particularly Inspired summer spirit. I hope you took the opportunity to wear your cutest shorts, your flowiest blouse and biggest sunglasses. As a late-to-the-party summer celebration, the Jaunty Wardrobe put forth this collection of seasonal-specific pieces, as there's no way a lot of this is going to be re-purposed when the cold months return, try as this  Birdie might! The blouse and sunglasses are from Forever 21, shorts are either Gap or Old Navy (I can never remember!), silver bangles were a gift, brown and gold wedges are from Alloy, and the necklace was made by the Magpie herself, but the pendant was a Jaunty gift from a friend's trip to Venice.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photographs by Denise Sakaki, styled from the Jaunty Wardrobe

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  1. LOL...so true about the weather here in Seattle! Not sure what happened to our Summer this year. Okay, I'm ready for the last blast of warm weather this week. Hope the forecasters are correct :)


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