This nutty Bird actually had a dream about fall recently. Walking along a path, my eye was caught by this small, young tree whose green leaves were beginning to show the signs of a bright orange and yellow burst of fall color. I was giddy with anticipation and almost a little disappointed to wake up and see the lovely green trees in our backyard, still lush with verdant summer. In the immortal words of Homer (Simpson, that is): Doh!

Last month's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale probably didn't help matters much, when they were showing off all these lovely cold weather goodies that we probably can't wear for at least another month or so. The thing that caught my Jaunty eye were the continuance of lovely details on fitted jackets, making them ever so lovely and ladylike. A mix of textures, from nubby woven materials to soft leather, and the detail work of ruffles, unfinished edges or metal accents like delicate chains -- it all makes this Bird as happy as seeing the leaves change colors on trees. I'm not saying summer needs to make a hasty retreat, but when the autumn comes, you can bet this Birdie will be first in line to welcome its return. Pictured from Nordstrom are: {1} Hinge Victoriana ruffle collar jacket, {2} Rubbish military knit jacket, {3} Halogen crop collarless jacket.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos from Nordstrom catalog

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