There's nothing more this Bird J'adores is the lovable house-pup, Miss Indy. A wild and crazy mutt who came into our lives almost six years ago, she's been the center of our Jaunty world. People who have pets in their lives often say that animals provide a wonderful insight into better living. They are uncomplicated fuzzy beings, who only yearn for love, affection, and a bit of dry kibble twice a day. Throw in regular walks and belly rubs, and you've got a perfect life.

Not that Indy can write (or maybe she does -- she's got a Twitter account, after all), but having her as my constant daily companion as I whittle away the hours, fraught with daily worries, stress and general human noise, I am reminded how silly and inconsequential that noise is. If Indy were to put pen to paper and share her fuzzy nuggets of wisdom, I think these would be her basic tenets towards sublime happiness:

Sleep more. Worry less. There's nothing a sunny spot and a long nap can't cure.

Forgive. If they can put aside the fact that you *may* have rooted through the trash looking for that delicious wrapper covered in bacon grease, you can put aside the times when loved ones are in a crummy mood.

Love with full abandon and seek joy at every opportunity.

Time is meaingless. Treat every goodbye like it may be the last time you see them, and face every welcome like you haven't seen them in ages.

Be present, even in the quiet moments spent with loved ones. They're the times you'll cherish the most.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photos of Indy by Denise Sakaki

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