Is it possible to be Inspired by a foamy, heart-shaped latte? Stranger things have happened. Like everyone, the Magpie likes to take some time out and spend some quality time with friends over coffee, brunch or an early afternoon movie. But that doesn't mean schlepping around in an old pink tracksuit and a pair of (f)Uggs thrown on. A Jaunty afternoon can still be casual chic with some favorite, comfortable pieces and a bit of dazzle by dressing down some evening jewelry. Why shouldn't time with friends warrant a bit of sparkle now and then? Our good friends are worth a sparkly wink or two!

Put together from the Jaunty Wardrobe: denim slacks and giant sparkly necklace from Express, thin silver belt from Nine West, gold and brown suede wedges from Alloy, bucket handbag from NY&Co., lace shrug from Romy, custom art t-shirt and scarf are gifts.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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