I'm sure this Bird has mentioned it before, that I'm a Magpie with many feathers in her cap, including being a freelance photographer who specializes in food. Don't ask how one gets started in this field, it's true what they say, you just kind of fall into it, but not by chance, and it's a lot of hard work. You have to appreciate food, not just for the eating (which of course is one of the best parts), you love it for the textures, color, a play of light and shapes; it's about appreciating the balance of elements. A layering of hot and cold items -- fresh greens sitting atop a just-baked crispy flatbread of roasted tomatoes and melted cheese. Or the striking silhouette of a dramatic plating of items, charred stacks of meat and vegetables on skewers, decorated with a drizzle of spicy sauce. Sure, we need food to live. It's nourishment for the body, but the artful plating of beautifully-made food can be just as nourishing for the senses as a whole. It makes one truly savor every aspect of the dish, and as you photograph it, you're enjoying it as much as any diner slicing into the first bite.

These photos were taken at a recent photoshoot at local restaurant Black Bottle Postern. It was a pleasure to shoot at their space, as the restaurant is bright and full of natural light, my favorite way to take photos. It was nice to have such an open space to wander and explore with the camera, literally savoring each moment with all the senses. It's been extra neat to see them use the photos, which you can see on their website - check it out!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photographs by Denise Sakaki

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