Mr. Magpie, aka, Brock got it so right with this beautifully designed wine decanter. After being backordered with a capital "B," it finally arrived. Meant to be a birthday gift (yeah, I know, it was back in April) on would think it was hand-delivered from Stockholm, but perhaps that's to the credit of Design House Stockholm's popularity and eye for excellent design. Very much in the vein of Scandinavian aesthetic, the decanter is minimalist, modern and extremely well thought out in terms of use. No frilly extras, this is the ultimate marriage of form and function. Maybe the one nod to pure aesthetic would be the curve of the decanter's shape, but wine enthusiasts would argue that the curved bottom helps to swirl the wine as it pours, so there you go -- function wins again. The large upwards dimple is there to not only help aerate the wine and create a space for the sediment to settle, but it's large enough to perfectly enclose the glass orb stopper. No wondering where the cap is, or if for some reason you're on a boat, the stopper is heavy enough to probably anchor the decanter over uneven seas. Can you not tell how totally in love I am with this? So. Freakin'. Smart. I can't help but gush over its thoughtfulness, both in form and in appreciation for Mr. Magpie's loving gesture. This Bird can't say enough how lucky she is to have her fella. Totally worth raising a glass to that, no? Cheers, indeed.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki

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  1. I imagine this decanter would heighten the pleasure of each glass of wine. The clear vessel allowing your wine to sparkle and glow in the light, the weight of that heavy indigo orb in your hand, the lovely musical sound as you pour a glass, and of course, the aroma! Can you tell I'm a bit jealous? Lucky you!


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