It's this Bird's wish that she develops more bold, Jaunty choices in her household decor, so looking through interesting home magazines are always endless sources for getting ideas. A recent gift from fellow blogger, Miss Radish, gave this Birdie a copy of the sadly defunct British magazine, Good Homes. More specifically, it was a collection of projects as well as room decoration ideas, which included recipes, outdoor gardening tips, and funky project ideas like covering a plain chair with comic book pages. I have to admit, wrapping our set of plain old barstools in funny pages sounds like a fantastic project. With any luck, Mr. Magpie won't mind. I also particularly Fancied the color combinations of their room photos, combining bright hues like purples and bright greens, and navy blues and golds, all without making it look like a kid's room or a Trading Spaces reject. I loved the bright colors combined with classic decor and architecture, as it made for a nice, ecclectic balance. I wish the magazine was still around, but if you happen to find any back-issues sitting in a used bookstore bin, it's worth picking up and saving.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos by Denise Sakaki, taken of Good Homes Get Creative magazine

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  1. Upon first glance of these photos and the title I thought this WAS your apartment and I was about to start begging you to come help me decorate my place. What gorgeous photos! Remember Domino Magazine? That was one of my very favorite publications. I was devastated when they went under. I still have a few of them and, years later, the photos and decorating ideas are still so relevant and spot on.

    I moved a few weeks ago and have had decorating on the brain constantly. It is so fun starting with a clean slate. You'll have to keep us readers posted on any fun decorating makeovers you implement.


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