This Bird found some Fancy-ful things at the most unlikeliest of shops -- the office supply store. As always, you run out of toner ink at the most inconvenient of times, so you head over with the intent of buying an extra set of cartridges to prevent this from happening again but inevitably... you get sidetracked.

Let's face it -- we spend a ridiculous amount of time behind our desks at work. We don't always have a lot of control over our little cubicle worlds. Some places prevent you from hanging things on the walls or even having a little plant on your desk, but to that I say, Fight The Man! In your best Braveheart voice, shout: They can take away our houseplants... but they can't take away OUR FOLDERS AND FILE CLIPS!!!

I found some particularly Jaunty and useful items that can't be labeled as purely decorative, as they do serve a purpose with just a touch of whimsy. They're all things you probably keep around your desk, so why not personalize it a little? These are so cute, you can even get them as a gift for others, and with a little bit of creative gift-wrapping, they look as pretty as if you'd picked them up at a specialty shop (and likely at half the price). They won't even know you went shopping at the local office supply store! {1} DiVOGA decorative file folders, {2} Chloe Dao small clutch laptop sleeve, {3} Scotch Black Stiletto Shoe Tape Dispenser, {4} DiVOGA Floral Binder Clips, {5} DiVOGA Seraphina Magnets, {6} EMTEC M321 Animal Series 4GB USB flash drives in turtle and bunny, {7} DiVOGA Catherine Collection Travel Mug

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from OfficeMax website

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  1. As a former office manager, sneakily design-savvy office supplies give me great delight. Shiny gold binder clips are one of my favorite little indulgences!


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